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The Aether Defined

To understand Tesla technology you are going to have to leave the realm of mainstream science, because they have done away with an aether, and Tesla's technology should by all rights be called Aether Technology.

Note added 04/20/2022

The ideas expressed in this research are backed by the most resent information being attained from new telescopes now in service. In order to understand the world we live in, you must understand the aether from which all matter comes from. To the best of my knowledge, there is no one else out there that has pulled the information available together to define the aether like you will find here. Please bookmark this page, there is a lot of information here, and to best understand it please watch the video's and examine the links provided. This is information we all need to know, but you probably won't get the depth of it in one reading. I just corrected some grammatical errors like where it said the, and it should have been they.

End added 04/20/2022 

The sun and all stars are throwing off particles 24/7. These are the smallest known particles there are. They are propelled outward from the sun in all directions all spinning the same direction, and like north and south, positive or negative, like repels like, and opposites attract. That is why magnets have field lines coming out the north and the south end and spread away from each other. If they are all pushing away from each other, sooner or later they will come to one spinning in the opposite direction. When they get close enough, they are going to attract each other and create a vortex locked together. That is what we call a positive and a negative charge, or a North and South Pole of a magnet, a dipole. They are charge neutral, so called a neutron/neutrino…….   


That is what I am calling an aetherion, the aether. It's a 1/2 wavelength standing wave (when looked at in 2D). They will fill space packed in, because they are neutral in charge.

Don Scott verifies everything I just said above. CLICK HERE for that information.


In chemistry, they call it packing structures. It's how these little round balls can be packed into a box, or anything like space. When they are packed in like that, they look like a double helix, DNA even, Birkeland currents, and plasma. I get into those details in The Aether Defined Part 2 This shape is found in all living matter. Proof for that statement that the universe is living. For a more detailed explanation, continue reading below.


NOTE: 10/15/2021 If you have been to this page before, make sure to refresh your browser, as I am still adding information to this post. Thank you.


NOTE: Added 10/29/2021 To better understand the quote from Tesla below it is highly recommended you first watch the videos in this playlist on The history of the aether. 

This was a doc in The Real Tesla Group Seeking the Truth not the Propaganda

Re-posted and edited October 14/2021


The Aether Defined

David Monroe·Friday, October 9, 2020·

The words of Tesla:
"Nature has stored up in the universe infinite energy. The eternal recipient and transmitter of this infinite energy is the ether. The recognition of the existence of ether, and of the functions it performs, is one of the most important results of modern scientific research. The mere abandoning of the idea of action at a distance, the assumption of a medium pervading all space and connecting all gross matter, has freed the minds of thinkers of an ever present doubt, and, by opening a new horizon new and unforeseen possibilities has given fresh interest to phenomena with which we are familiar of old."

Note: (06/01/2021) He said this in 1891, and he didn't say, "will" be one of the most important RESULTS of modern scientific research, HE SAID IT "IS" ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT RESULTS. Yet he watched them do away with the aether. I think what Tesla discovered about the aether has been suppressed.

In the 1890s, Tesla, was following Maxwell’s Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism, and I can tell you that if you think Tesla was suppressed, that’s nothing compared to Maxwell. In fact what we call Maxwell’s equations are not Maxwell’s. Maxwell is the one that took everyone else’s work, and unified it all into mathematical sense, but what we call Maxwell's equations are really Heaviside's equations.

The subject of the aether, and just what it is, needs to be defined more than anything else. In fact, understanding the aether is critical to understand stationary waves, as they are an oscillation of/in the aether itself. Maxwell, doesn’t call it the aether, but he is saying the same thing as Tesla. What Maxwell wrote about this was published before his Treatise, and he even explains +/- charges as particles in vortices (spins) which is also critical to understand stationary waves (now called standing waves).

Maxwell’s Original Equations
Frederick David Tombe,
Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom,
24th December 2011

"In Part I of his 1861 paper, Maxwell proposed the existence of a sea of
molecular vortices which are composed of a fluid-like aether"

Keep the above in mind while you continue below.

I have found information from a wealth of sources in an attempt to try and use the information that already exist to define these things that have yet to be properly defined. The answers are out there, but like it was for Maxwell, it’s scattered all around and needs to be in a coherent form.

The aether, from Tesla’s:
CLICK HERE for Tesla's quote on the aether and electricity.

Tesla Quote
Thunderbolts connection


I have heard that Wal Thornhill from The Thunderbolts Project has stated that he believes the aether is neutrino’s, but I haven’t found the source material for him saying that.


Update, 10/15/2021 this is from the Thunderbolts website:

"Both sorts of transmission are effected by the dipolar electric distortion of the subtronic orbits of the neutrinos which, it is proposed, are thinly but universally distributed through space, making up the aether that is the medium of transmission."

So they do support neutrinos as being the aether, and it appears also that they spell it aether. Now just what they think the neutrinos are made from is another story, but if you read the above post from their site they do appear to believe it is made from matter (particles)

Update,10/15/2021 this is from another post at The Thunderbolts site:

"Thornhill proposes that the “aether” of space consists principally of neutrinos. Neutrinos are understood to be fundamental particles of vanishingly small mass (much smaller than the mass of an electron) and no charge. However, in the Electric Universe paradigm, and following the proposal of Ralph Sansbury, all fundamental particles consist of subtrons orbiting in a resonant manner that are positively and negatively charged, and whose total charges sum to the charge of the particle. In the case of the neutrino the positive and negative charges of the subtrons sum to zero."

And they do support neutrinos are made from two particles in oscillation with each other. I am just now finding this out, and we are in agreement on what the aether is. Just follow on below for more on this.

End update 10/15/202


NOTE: Added the below information and video on 11/10/2021

The above video shows how the aether is created, but they don't show what they form when two particles spinning in opposite get locked together. More details on that are below this video. I'm adding this video here just to keep the Thunderbolts Project information together.

In the video below you will see how everywhere we look we are seeing this same thing, this DNA double helix shape. This video will make more sense as you continue below, but I just want to say that this same shape seems to be in all living matter which would support the universe is a living entity. 


Note: added the video below 12/22/2021

The video below says it all, it's a recent video they put outm, and all I can say is perfect timing. I'll come back and add some commentary about a few things, but I think they nailed this one.

+/- Charges

Note: added the below on 12/24/2021

n the video above I have a couple of things I'd like to talk about. I believe the neutrino's/aether would not be spaced out like then show, because they are neutral in charge I think they would pack in closer, and at the nodes (both ends), there would be a slight attraction where the end of one would be going from zero  to positive would be attracted to the end of another that would be going from zero negative. In that manner they would form a DNA like structure. So they would be like lines of force down the length. these lines would fill space and hence connect all gross matter like Tesla said....

With that said, I would like to talk about power or energy, what it is, and how it is transported. I think energy is an effect on matter, something hitting something else and the effect it has on it. If there were no matter, there would be no energy. Power is the measurement of the amount of force something has over time. 

I think the confusion over the aether and energy as having no mass, is this; if a stone hits a still pond, the energy is related to how big the stone was, and how fast it was going when it hit the water. That energy moves across the water, the water is not moving from where the stone hit the water, the energy it created is.....  The wave and thus the energy that goes thru the water until it hits the shore, HAS NO MASS, but it is an effect on the mass of the water. When Tesla said that we would learn more if we studied the non material realm (I am paraphrasing) I believe that is what he was talking about. That is what the aethereal realm is. This non physical thing is an effect of matter, and could not exist without matter. It's power is consumed on the beach when it hits land. Some of it is then transferred to the ground and some of it is consumed by grinding rocks into beach sand.


I think that came out right? Can you understand what I'm saying?  Like they said in the video, nothing can not do something, it all started with the stone hitting the water. I believe it's the same for light traveling thru space. There is no particle moving from one place to another, the energy is traveling thru the aether. You say, but what hits the solar panel and creates a charge? It is the aether that was already in the area near the solar panel, and that's what they call action at a distance. 

I'm going to go ahead and post this the way I have it. If I can think of a better way of saying what I just said, I'll change it. I am always open for suggestions on any of this, so please don't be afraid to speak up.

End added 12/24/2021 


I have found something else that may support what I am thinking. It may even give us some clues into what these two electricities were that Tesla was talking about, and if I am correct it would substantiate what Tesla was speaking about being against, and that is two electricities, and you have to remember that this was before the electron was even discovered.

What I am talking about is +/- charges, it is all the same thing, just different spins. If you had one particle spinning in one direction, and another one spinning in the opposite direction, they would lock on to each other and create a neutrino, meaning their charges would cancel each other out. This may be what Wal is calling a neutrino? In my mind we are talking about the smallest unit of charge, a charge CARRIER.


The principles of wave superposition are so simple, all waves add together, period. You have the smallest unit charge, one in a spin that we call positive and another one spinning in the opposite direction that we call negative, sitting there ready to add a + or a - charge to it.

The aether is the perfect carrier.....  


And what did Tesla say at the start of his speech?

"Nature has stored up in the universe infinite energy. The eternal recipient and transmitter of this infinite energy is the ether."

Below you are going to see the references that agree with this thinking. I think we are doing a good job at defining the aether   

Please watch the  short video of an experiment with cylinders spinning in water. When they are spinning in opposite directions, they attract each other, but when spinning in the same direction, they repel each other.  Reference material: How does the Electric Field create a force? 


Below is a video on electron spin from The Royal Institution. Pay close attention to what he is saying between 9 and 10 minutes into the video Note: Link added 05/25/2020


Note the video player above hasn't been starting the videos where I want them to start. I found an outside source for a video player which is the video below.  I'm going to leave them both here and check the one on the bottom to make sure it's still starting where I wanted it to, and if it does, I'm going to use that player in other places on the site where I'm having the same problem.  So that is why there are two players here with the same video, it's just temporary.


For those of you that​ watched more of the above video​​​​​​​​​​​​​​, I'd just like to say that what they are calling matter and antimatter, what I believe it really is, is just +/- charges. They don't annihilate each other, they just cancel each others charges out. In other words the just become an aetherion again. 

But how are they bound together?

The Aether as a 1/2 wavelength Standing Wave.

Standing waves are made from two transverse waves traveling in opposite directions. Which means that they still have the magnetic field that can be expressed. This makes them the perfect carrier wave. It’s the principles of wave superposition that the two of them mixed (added) together making them stationary (standing). This is what they must be, to be conducive for electromagnetic waves to travel thru.

Now, if you consider that a standing wave of a 1/2 a wavelength known as the fundamental frequency or the 1st harmonic is a 1/2 a wavelength oscillating between a +/- charge. What we now call an electron is a standing wave of 1 wavelength, that is the 1st and 2nd harmonic locked together 180 deg out of phase. This is the stuff that all matter comes from. If our model of the electron is one wavelength, and this has been proven, then the first element on the periodic table is a - and + charge oscillating back and forth. Remember that below is a 2D representation of something that is a spiral in 3D.


This is a standing wave of 1 wavelength, and that is currently the model of the electron, remember, this is a 2D representation of something that is a spiral in 3D.

NOTE: It looks like the images are not coming out in the right order when viewed from a cellphone. I will try to fix that, but I have a lot going on right now so from below this point it's best viewed on a computer.

Standing Waves

  Below is an animation of the model of the electron, which is a standing wave of 1 wavelength, the 1st and 2nd harmonic... Now each molecule is just adding another “electron and proton” but that is really just another electron of 1 wavelength. Add another “electron” 1 wavelength, and you have the next molecule. (I am simplifying, isotopes can have more electrons)

StandingWave1lambda - Copy.gif

We need some terms reevaluated. What we now call an electron should be called two aetherion's and an aetherion is made from two particle of opposite spin,  one called and electron and the other called a proton. Those should be called a - ion and a + prion. They can both be photons. When locked together they are an aetherion. 


You can now tack on one particle (-) from 1/2 a wavelength standing wave, and we say it is now negatively charged. The other particle (+) would be given off as a photon.

This is a 1/2 wavelength standing wave, and we are looking at it in 2D, but it is still a spiral in 3D.


Below is a 3D image. And let me remind you what Tesla said his most favored thing was the discovery of THE ROTATING MAGNETIC FIELD. That's what you are looking at below.



What I am going to be putting forth here is that the aether is 1/2 wavelength standing waves that is really a +/- charge locked together and neutral for the most part, until it gets attached to another 1/2 a wavelength OR MORE. This lives up to Tesla’s idea of it being one thing, not two different electricity's. And when you get down to the nitty gritty of it, it’s just two particles with opposite spins. break the “neutron” apart, and you have two particles with opposite spins, or a + positron and a - ion (the - ion freed from the + positron/proton). they are all the same thing, they just have opposite spins one from another. Now Tesla was a very intuitive person, and we just didn’t have the knowledge back then that we have today. Could this be what he was alluding to?

We will now get into my resource for the idea of the electron positron flood being the aether. That is to say a flood of +/- charges locked together.... we do know that opposites attract. What I’m saying is that I think Tesla was right, it’s all the same thing, just two different spins, and this is supported by the known science of today.

Next I’d like to look an The Electron-Positron Sea
(The Electric Sea) by Frederick David Tombe, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom, 23rd April 2014 Click here on Link 04 for the complete paper.

From the link:

“Abstract. It is proposed that all space is permeated with a dense electrically neutral sea of electrons and positrons which serves as the medium for the propagation of light. The challenge remains to devise a stable bonding mechanism within this luminiferous medium that conforms with Maxwell’s equations by providing the necessary solidity and the physical mechanism that will give rise to the characteristics of electromagnetic waves, while at the same time allowing for the fluidity that would avoid the problem of friction in the planetary orbits.”

Now I’ll give you the conclusion:

“Conclusion VIII. The cylindrical symmetry of the rotating electron-positron dipoles is the key to the luminiferous medium being solid enough to sustain transverse waves while being fluid enough to avoid friction in planetary motion. Ampère’s Circuital Law is the basis upon which moving objects always cause the electron-positron dipoles to align so as to cause centrifugal force as opposed to friction. This is in contrast to Simhony’s cubic lattice solution which would not readily permit shearing, and hence would not allow for the passage of atomic and molecular matter. Simhony’s electron-positron cubic lattice is like a block of electric ice which would freeze the planets in their orbits.”

Now lets compare some images.

Electron-Positron Sea
Comparing Images

This one is from The Electron-Positron Sea (The Electric Sea) "Fig. 1. A single magnetic line of force.The electrons are shown in red and the positrons are shown in black. The double helix is rotating about its axis with a circumferential speed equal to the speed of light, and the rotation axis represents the magnetic field vector H.

Do you see any similarities in these two images? If you noticed in the one with the red and black dots, where the lines cross they go from red to black every other one, that’s because this is a 2D picture of something that is 3D

Compare the 2nd and 3rd Harmonic with the picture above.

a 2D image of a 3D object. The writer of that information must have seen these +/- charges as taking on a DNA like spiral and that is what standing waves are, a spiral tunnel like tube. And indeed that is what the early researchers in electricity were saying.

New information recently discovered shows this double strand helical shape found thru out space. See The Thunderbolts Project recent video by clicking here, this is the first part of the video above with the Thunderbolt Project information.


Note: will add video into this page later


I originally thought the aether was standing waves, then I started researching the aether more and thought I was originally wrong. But in a way I was right, I just had the scaling wrong. I find the theory of the Electron Positron Sea the most logical explanation as to what the aether is at this time.

Look at it like space is filled with the smallest particles possible locked together, setting there neutral in charge, but as soon as a field comes at it, it polarizes a mirror image of the field. This would satisfy the requirement for a medium that would allow waves to pass thru it. Are they strung along like tubes that create the force we know as electricity, or are they just the smallest independent standing waves, packed in as close as they can get? 

Tesla says it many times, but I don't think people get it, he calls it the rotating magnetic field. When we speak of electricity, AC in particular, we are speaking of how this rotating magnetic field appears/acts in 2D. When Tesla speaks of the rotating magnetic field he is speaking of it in 3D.  Forget all the counterspace, and 4D when they are speaking about electricity, and look at it in the way Nikola Tesla and Maxwell did. Counterspace is really 2D space, and 4D space is really 3D space.

The aether is the perfect carrier. 


I believe wave theory will be the unified field theory, as everything that exist is waves/oscillations. The most promising properties of standing waves are their ability to move energy without a magnetic field, they are scalar energy.(Note: Because of, the sum of the two waves, they are stationary. Not flowing thru time.) I do believe that Tesla was also right, that standing waves are filling all of space and this model of the Electron Positron Sea fulfills the requirements for an aether. An aether that is a double helix spiral (vortex).

I will add links for some things that will still be linked to my Facebook post, until they are added to this website, then I'll change the links to here.


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Other resources:

Proof that Maxwell believed in particles were associated with electricity.
Note: (This is what I was looking for from Maxwell, he just isn’t calling it aether added 03/14/2020)

Maxwell On Physical Lines of Force 1861

Aether Friction in the Planetary Orbits:

Did Tesla believe particles were associated with electricity? Here is proof he did.


The List of Proper Terms Defined Note: See my additional note under Proton as it pertains to this note and how they are the same thing as an electron.

THE AETHER "The material universe is purely made out of aether." Note: Make sure to check the other links at the bottom of that page at this site

Two Electrivities

Types of Electricity - Modern Methods

More to be added: I will be adding more here on how these 1/2 wavelength standing waves would fill all of space, but at this time it’s not critical for understanding what the aether is. This post is already longer than it should be so I may condense some of the above, or I may just do a separate note? What research I have done on that looks like chemistry would give us some good examples.

Note added 01/13/2022

Rather than add the information about how the aether fills all space, I created The Aether Defined Part 2. CLICK HERE to go to The Aether Defined Part 2

End add 01/13/2022

Is this going to be another coincidence, that both the aether and standing waves appear to take on a DNA form? I really had no idea that is where this would go, and I am only following other information out there and this is where it leads us. I’m thinking more and more of doing a post on the list of coincidences. Something to think about anyway.

Note: I have started working on The List of Coincidences, however, because I go by inspiration I don’t know at this time how long it will be before I post that information and I will be doing a separate post, a Part 2 of The Aether Defined.03/12/2020

Note:   Added link 01/23/2022

CLICK HERE to go to The Aether Defined Part 2

Note added 01/13/2022

CLICK HERE For The List of Coincidences

End add 01/13/2022


Thank you for your interest.
David Monroe

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Proof that Maxwell believed in particle associated with electicity:


Did Tesla believe particles were ass0ociated with electricity? Here is proof he did.

The List of Proper Terms Defined:

THE AETHER "The material universe is purely made out of aether."

Two Electricities:


Types of Electricity - Modern Methods:

The discovery of Tesla's Magnifying Transmitter - part 3:

David Monroe:


[1] Clerk-Maxwell, J., “On Physical Lines of Force”, Philosophical Magazine, Volume XXI, Fourth Series, London, (1861)


[2] Clerk-Maxwell, J., “A Dynamical Theory of the Electromagnetic Field”, Philos. Trans. Roy. Soc. London 155, pp 459-512 (1865). Abstract: Proceedings of the Royal Society of London 13, pp. 531-- 536 (1864). The original eight Maxwell’s equations are found in the link below in Part III entitled ‘General Equations of the Electromagnetic Field’ which begins on page 480, Maxwell’s derivation of the electromagnetic wave equation is found in the link below in Part VI entitled ‘Electromagnetic Theory of Light’ which begins on page 497,


[3] The 1937 Encyclopaedia Britannica article on ‘Ether in Physics’ discusses its structure in relation to the cause of the speed of light. It says, “POSSIBLE STRUCTURE._The question arises as to what that velocity can be due to. The most probable surmise or guess at present is that the ether is a perfectly incompressible continuous fluid, in a state of fine-grained vortex motion, circulating with that same enormous speed. For it has been partly, though as yet incompletely, shown that such a vortex fluid would transmit waves of the same general nature as light waves _i.e., periodic disturbances across the line of propagation_ and would transmit them at a rate of the order of magnitude as the vortex or circulation speed - - - -”


[4] Tombe, F.D., “The 1855 Weber-Kohlrausch Experiment”, (2019)


[5] Whittaker, E.T., “A History of the Theories of Aether and Electricity”, Chapter 4, pages 100-102, (1910) “All space, according to the younger Bernoulli, is permeated by a fluid aether, containing an immense number of excessively small whirlpools. The elasticity which the aether appears to possess, and in virtue of which it is able to transmit vibrations, is really due to the presence of these whirlpools; for, owing to centrifugal force, each whirlpool is continually striving to dilate, and so presses against the neighbouring whirlpools.”


[6] Tombe, F.D., “The Double Helix and the Electron-Positron Aether” (2017)


[7] Tombe, F.D., “Cable Telegraphy and Poynting’s Theorem”, (2019)'s_Theorem


[8] Tombe, F.D., “The Rattleback and the Gyroscopic Force”, (2010)

Note: Oct 23/2020 I had to copy this over to a document in the group, from my page, because Facebook was ending notes on pages, and after Oct 31/2020 I would not be able to edit any notes. Everything I am doing here is a work in progress. Some of the formatting was lost in the transfer. It was mostly just bold text, but I had somethings bold for a reason. Please be patient while I try to get these notes, now called documents, back the way I had them.
Thank you

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