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Please read this before going on to other pages at this site

This website is going to be an information resource site, more than a tutorial. The only content that I create is some wave on a string videos, where I use an app from the physics department of Colorado University. Like my stuff on Facebook, I will always be adding more information, some that I have written, and some links to information that will help you in understanding The Real Tesla Technology, which is aether technology.

Please keep in mind that I do not necessarily agree with everything at most of the links that will be here, but I'll try to explain what parts do fit in, as well as explain what I feel is wrong about something at a link. Like my Facebook stuff, this will probably always be a work in progress.

I don't claim to know everything about this subject and if I have something wrong, or I'm using a wrong term, please let me know, just try to understand that in some cases you may need to leave your preconceived ideas, or mainstream thinking behind. The subject of this site has been heavily suppressed and propagandized, some intentional and a lot out of ignorance.

To understand Tesla Technology you should start on the Start Page on the menu top right hand side. Or Click Here.

For now, the best way to contact me will be by private massaging me at  Facebook.

Click here to contact me there.

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